Recent Success Stories

August 7, 2016 — Kentucky

Medical Practice Loan
375k @ 5.29% 10yr term

July 29, 2016 — Georgia

Dental Practice Financing
1.23m @ 4.59% 10yr term

July 26, 2016 — Pennsylvania

Dental Practice Loan
710kk @4.49% 10yr term

July 8, 2016 — Florida

Veterinary Practice Construction
2.15m @ 4.95% 25yr term

June 21, 2016 — Mississippi

Pharmacy Store Purchase
1.1m @ 4.9% 10yr term

June 17, 2016 — New Jersey

Dental Practice Loan
Unsecured Working Capital
150k @ 7.9% 4 yr term

June 7, 2016 — Oklahoma

Medical Practice Financing
670k @ 4.99% 10 yr term

May 31, 2016 – Ohio

Veterinary Practice Loan
Unsecured Working Capital
150k @ 7.9% 4 yr term

May 19, 2016 — Mississippi

1.1m @ 4.9% Fixed 10 yr term

May 9, 2016 — New Hampshire

Loan for Dentist
290k @ 5.79% 10 yr term

April 22, 2016 — Nevada

Pharmacy Acquisition & Refinance
335k @ 5.79% 10 yr term

April 18, 2016 — Nevada

Dental Practice Loan
225k @ 5.9% 10 yr term

April 4, 2016 — South Carolina

Independent Pharmacy Start-Up
1.25m @ 5.9% 25 yr term

March 23, 2016 — Michigan

Veterinary Practice Loan with Real Estate
1.5m @ 5.75% 25yr term

March 7, 2016 — Minnesota

Dental Practice Expansion Loan
525k @ 5.35% 25 yr term

February 19, 2016 — Utah

Medical Practice Loan for Doctor
275k @ 4.99% Fixed 7 yr term

February 16, 2016 — Michigan

Dental Practice Expansion-Loan for Dentist
495k @ 4.59% 10yr term

February 3, 2016 — California

Optometry Practice Loan
150k @ 6% 10yr term

January 26, 2016 — Ohio

Dental Practice Loan for Dentist
1.1m @ 5.49% 25yr term

January 21, 2016 — Georgia

Loan for Veterinarian
435k @ 4.99% 7yr term

January 7, 2016 — Virginia

Dental Practice Loan
370k @ 5.9% 10yr term


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Our Testimonials

  • USMF put together for me the most unique and competitive debt restructuring program I found. The resulting 30% monthly cash flow increase has given me greater revenues and allowed me to expand my practice and gain more control of my business. I highly recommend USMF.
    Joseph Seneczko

  • US Medical Funding was the most professional and knowledgeable company I spoke with. They were concerned with my needs and very willing to help and answer all my questions. My calls were always returned promptly. Their programs are flexible. They worked diligently to customize a program tailored to my specific financial needs. All deadlines were met. They went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend their services.
    Sonya Clover

  • Marc Cornella has been a trusted advisor since my transition from employee to employer. I had very little prior business experience when I started the process of buying my current practice. Marc not only guided me into a great mortgage but also advised me through my building acquisition two years later even though he did not directly broker the deal. I appreciate Marc’s skills so much that I have recommended Marc to my associate as she starts the process of buying into my practice.
    George Runnels

  • As a result of the customized financing program USMF tailored for our new, state-of-the-art facility, our revenues have grown, our profits are strong, and we have experienced greater control and satisfaction in our new business. Many thanks to Marc Cornella and the entire USMF staff!
    Sybil Davis

  • I want to sincerely thank US Medical Funding for all their hard work and dedication. They were able to help me secure a great loan with no money down, awesome interest rate and even helped me negotiate the right price with the seller. Very straight forward from day one. I am looking forward to work with you all on my second acquisition. Thanks again.
    Mike A.

  • I highly recommend US Medical Funding. Marc Cornella helped me with equipment purchase and working capital loans for my veterinary hospital. He was timely, creative at looking into several options and he really gave me a personal approach that set him apart from other companies. Because of his many years of experience in the industry, he was familiar with the companies we work with as a veterinary hospital which made it easy to communicate our needs to him. US Medical Funding really helped me out in a time of need and I would use them again in the future and I will recommend their services to my colleagues.
    Stephanie Lantry

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